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BFC Galileo 2 groups - Electronic model

The latest line from BFC follows modern trends, while staying true to the stylish design tailored to the barista.The Galileo is made entirely of stainless steel, with a new moulding technology that allows for a flexible design.

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Separate temperature control – Electronic coffee temperature control device with separate
boiler for each group. Separate steam boiler, with hot water dispensed from heat exchanger.
  • electronic with programmable keypad
  • semiautomatic with buttons
  • semiautomatic with lever
  • auto probe steamer - Turbo APS (for milk cream)
Copper boiler in 14 litre capacities with thermostatic circuit.
Thermosyphone system - copper inner boiler with continuous heat circulation pipes mde in copper.
Heat-balancing units.
Traditional temperature compensated group (4.4kg) or ring temperature compensated group (1,5kg)