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Guado al Melo Rute Bolgheri D.O.C.

Rute comes from the word "red" in Etruscan, the root of which is common in several Euro-pean languages. Red is the color (of wine) that best identifies our extraordinary territory. The Bolgheri wine history is very old but it's the second half of the twentieth century that this great vocation was recognized throughout the world, thanks to the general improve-ment of production and selection of varieties best suited to the territory. With Rute, thanks to our careful work of vineyardist, we express the most territorial soul of Bolgheri, made of elegance and complexity.
The label, such as name, is deliberately essential with a drawing of a bunch of grapes, a de-tail of the grapevine that is our logo and is one of the oldest representations of this subject found in Italy (X c. BC).

  • Category: Red
  • Origin: Italy
  • Region: toscana
  • Winery: Guado al Melo
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VARIETIES: soprattutto Cabernet sauvignon e una piccola parte di Merlot.
VINEYARD: on the hills of Bol-gheri, alluvial soil, porous, deep and with good pebble-gravel tex-ture. Mediterranean climate re-freshed by sea winds, in summer significant temperature range be-tween day and night. Produced with sustainable practices.
PRODUCTION: vinified without correctives or additives which would alter the original character-istics of the grapes. Refined on the lees for 12 months in oak bar-rels (only 10% new) and at least 6 months in bottle.