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Carmignano Il Sasso D.O.C.G

Carmignano Sasso is made from selected grapes grown in the winery's vineyard of the same name, located in one of the most interesting areas of the appellation, S. Cristina a Mezzana.

  • Category: Red
  • Origin: Italy
  • Region: toscana
  • Winery: Azienda Piaggia - Carmignano
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Our desire has always been to enhance the characteristics of this vineyard, which is an excellent terrain for producing the highest quality grapes. Il Sasso expresses all the depth and organoleptic richness of great Carmignano wines, combined with the freshness and elegance that great terroirs can express and guarantee over time: this is why we began this Cru, where the tradition of our land is given a modern slant.