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Teanum Otre Chardonnay I.G.P.

Chardonnay: Native of France (Burgundy). The name is said to be derived from a small in the Maconnais called Chardonnay (from Chardon, wich means cardoon).The time of its introduction to Italy is unknown, it was confused with the Pinot blanc.
This is one of the most widespread vines throughout the world. It is virtually present all over Italy and met with great sucess in Apulia, where it can now be found in all the provinces.

  • Category: White
  • Origin: Italy
  • Region: puglia
  • Winery: Cantine Teanum
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Grape: 100% Chardonnay
Origin: IGP Puglia White
Altitude: 150-200 meters above sea level
Conduction: espalier trees.
Yield per Hectare: 90 quintals (9 tons)
Harvest System: Manual
Vinification: 60% of the wine in stainless steel tanks with controlled temperature of 14 degrees C ad 40% of the wine in oak barrels.
Maturing and aging: the wine remains in contact with yeast in the stainless steel tanks for 7 months an in oak barrels.
Tasting notes: Bright yellow color. Aromas of exotic fruits and lemon, combined with notes of butter. Its well balanced acidity provides an excellent freshness with a soft and creamy palate. Perfect match for shellfish, grilled fish, white meat and pasta with subtle sauces.
Served: at 9/10 degrees C